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Jonathan Weiland is the currently the director (or Program delivery partner PDP) of the FIRST Tech Challenge in Illinois . He has been involved in FIRST Tech Challenge for 12 years. He has served as a mentor for many FTC teams over the years and has been the director of the FIRST Tech Challenge in Illinois for the last 10 years. His teams have won the 8 Illinois State FTC championships. In 2018 his team Vertigo won the Illinois Inspire award and the Motivate award at the World Championships.

Mihir is a high school freshman who is proud to be a software developer in the Virtual Robot Simulator Project. With over 4 years of experience in programming languages including C#, Dart, Java, JavaScript, Swift, and Python, he has created and published many mobile applications on both Android and iOS – many of which are being used by thousands worldwide! By developing both the VRC Android Apps and working on the simulation, he has further developed his skills in Android development and learned how to power the simulator using the Unity Engine..

Leonidas is a high school junior involved in many activities outside school, including the Virtual Robot Simulator Project, where he creates the robot Unity simulation using C#. He has been part of his high school FRC robotics team for three years and is currently VP of Scouting of Cryptonite Team 624. During his time on the team he introduced ROS, a robot programming operating system, which he then used with Unity to build a simulator. After much modification this team project then turned into the Virtual FTC Simulator used today! When he isn’t developing the Unity robot simulator he is programming robots using ROS, participating in the NASA scholars program, and engaging in a wide variety of other hobbies, such as playing guitar.

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Brad has been involved with FIRST for the past 5 years, volunteering and providing support for FTC programs in Illinois. He has over 20 years of consulting experience leading programs and projects for FORTUNE 1000 companies and recently was managing a project management practice area in Chicago. FTC has helped to provide a way for him to contribute to the next generation of students working to excel in engineering and robotics, including providing insight for students on how to successfully work with others as part of a project team

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Siddarth is a rising high school senior who does frontend web development for VRS. He started an FTC team with his dad in 2020, recruiting his friends and learning about FTC robotics with them. He is now the lead software developer and captain of FTC Team 18568, 6:1. He has two years of experience with frontend web development, and has experience with many other types of software development. He is also proficient with Blender. He joined VRS in October 2021, when they were recruiting FTC members to overhaul the old website. Since then, he has also done one-off projects for VRS, such as robot decimation and scouting projects. 

Curriculum Developer

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