About VRS

Watch a basic introduction and setup guide to VRS!

180 PT VRS Auto

Watch this VRS program, created by 5th graders, achieve the FTC Ultimate Goal world record of 180 points.

– Ability to write programs in both FTC Blocks and Java, so people of all skill levels and knowledge can use

– Accurate Development environment, which makes it very comparable to programming real robots

– Actively worked on and maintained, so new features are always being added, and bugs are being fixed

–¬†¬†Realistic physics. What you see in here is extremely similar to what would happen in real life

-10 lessons with challenges, hints and solutions available from within the application.

– Well documented, so everyone can get started and learn VRS and FTC programming.

– Free and open source, so you can modify the software to your liking and contribute if you’d like

Here are some guides that beginners can use for reference after getting VRS.

Document – Goes over how to install and set up VRS

Intro to motor power

Introducing how to make your robot move and how to strafe(move in any direction without turning)

What is VRS

Article – The most basic introduction to Virtual Robot Simulator and programming in general.

Virtual Robot Simulator is a simple, easy-to-use platform that allows FTC teams to program and test their robots without access to physical hardware.