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Virtual Programming Workshop and Competition

VRS provides a great tool to engage younger audiences in programming. We have organized a 5 day curriculum(which can be split up over multiple weeks) that you and/or your FIRST team can host in a competition format. This will teach your audience about how to use VRS, and the basics of programming for FIRST Tech Challenge

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Document Version

If you prefer a printable, document version of this guide, visit this google doc.


These slides can be used for all sessions:

Session # 1-Intro and Game Reveal

Lesson #1

Week 1 intro to lesson   Video 

Mission and Vision of First

-Show video “What is FIRST” by  4 min

Lesson #2

Week 1 intro to lesson Video 2  15 min Game Reveal

Launch of the FIRST Tech Challenge and Engineering Notebook

  • People in Group

  • Name of your team

  • Answer the following: 

    • What’s your mission

    • What excites you about this Unit

  • What are you wondering about this Unit

Extra Materials or Video

***Launch For teachers*** This isn’t a Robot 

Optional Hw

Reflect in Engineering Notebook:What is FIRST?

Session # 2-play the game teleop

Lesson #3

Week 2 intro to lesson 3 Video 

Intro to TELEOP and Play

Show gamepad image 

Lesson #4

(no intro video)

Students play teleop game- written directions   video directions click here

Engineering Notebook

       What did you do?  What did I learn?

        Did you include an image?

Extra Materials or Video

**Need video game remote controllers” xbox controllers

Optional HW

  1. how to use the VRS video  click here  Getting Started VRS-ug

  2. Locating the blocks for programming

  3. How to use basic blocks


Explain how you controlled the robot?

Session # 3-Start to Program

Lesson #5  Week 3 intro to lesson 5 Video 1

Show how to use video  click here

Or students open website -follow “text” directions  

Autonomous-Drive to the white line 2 motors

  1. Write your pseudocode

  2. Drive to the white line hint  

    1. Drive to white line 

    2.  the code up closeclick here

    3.  Telemetry explained or  optional

Lesson #6  Week 3 intro to lesson 6 Video #2

Introduce-Multiple Solutions to every problem

Autonomous-Drive to white line 4 motors

  1. Driver to white line  with four motors hint 

    1. the code click   alternative code click here

Engineering Notebook

-why do programmers use pseudocode?

Extra Materials or Video

1. Locating the blocks for programming 

2. How to use basic blocks



  •  the Difference between driving a robot with 2 and 4 motors

  • the Difference between TeleOp Vs Autonomous 

  • What does it mean-Multiple Solutions to every problem?

Session # 4-turning/strafing

Lesson #7 Week 4  intro to lesson 7 Video #1

Autonomous-Drive to white line-Turn 90 right and then Make a square

(remind about Multiple Solutions)

  1. Driving make a 90 degree turn hint 

Lesson #8 Week 4  intro to lesson 8 Video #2

Autonomous-What does it mean to strafe


               Try Strafing to right to Strafing to left

               Try Strafing in a square

Engineering Notebook

      Why would a programmer want to strafe 

Extra Materials or Video


  1. solution or

  2. the code up close 

  3. alternative program #3 Drive to White Line Turn 90 degrees the code-Redstone

  4. 90 degree turn option 2 motors click here  or scroll down for 4 motors


  1. the code   click 

  2. solution 

  3. strafing or moving sideways, first to the right then to the left    

  4. the strafing code (scroll to end  for strafe with variables)  click here       Strafe in a square click here 

  5. Alternative code click here



  • Strafing  VS 2 wheel drive

  • How would you turn to the left

  • When might you want to Stafe

Review  video: Programming the shooter

Session # 5-shooting

Lesson #9  Week 5  intro to lesson 9 Video #1

Shooting rings

Drive and Shoot Rings  into the high goal  hint 

 Programming the shooter

Lesson #10 Week 5  intro to lesson 10 Video #1-Award Criteria Videos


Engineering Notebook-What target did you shoot at? why?

Extra Materials or Video

Shoot rings at tower


  • What happens if you hit the middle target.

  • How would you detect the number of rings at the start of Autonomous 

0/2/4 rings.Why does this matter?

     Write out the Steps for your Autonomous

Extra Materials or Video  Example 

Make a Promote Video-Tik Tok style-The VRS is ….

Make speech for 4th-grade students to look forward to for outreach

Engineering Notebook

Session # 5 part 2

Lesson #11  Week 6-intro to this week video All week

Shoot ring Powershots  hint 

  Or https://youtReload

Learn to reload rings

how to make your robot reload rings   or  the reload ring code one of many options

Lesson #12


Engineering Notebook-why do you want to reload rings?

Extra Materials or Video

Drive and Shoot at the Powershots  hint 

  1. the code  click

  2. solution (with go to position) 


Why do you think that  the towers go red/blue/red?

Session # 6-Wobble Goals

Lesson #9 Video on wobble 

Lift the Wobble Goal

  1. Wobble Goal-1st position hint 

    1. the code   3 alternative methods  click

    2. solution 

    3. How to move the wobble goal 

  2. Wobble Goal 2nd Position with Encoders  hint 

    1. the code  click

    2. solution with encoders and run to position

  3. Wobble Goal 3rd position hint

    1. the code  click

    2. Solution 

Session # 7-

Lesson #13

Finalize your autonomous-

Lesson #14

The Class competition- everyone get 2 runs


Show Promote Videos

What the final event might look like 


Teaching materials

– Review the teacher PowerPoint presentation -Week by week guide NOTE: Weeks might be Sessions

Teacher VRS  STEM Weekly Lesson Schedule – The VRS project in a list form 

The 10 VRS  lessons with answers – (multiple solutions)  

– Make a copy of the engineering notebook – distribute to your students  

– Pseudocode Student ws -make copies  or  teacher Pseudocode VRS lessons

Tour of the interface  

What the final day might look like  

Useful links or other helpful videos

– Scoring Handout- click here-may want to have a hardcopy/stu

– Game Pad buttons

how to make your robot reload rings    or   the reload ring code one of many options

Shooting rings at the PowerShot targetsReload rings

How to shoot rings at the high goal 

Programming the shooter 

– Scoring Rules scoring rules ultimate goal click here 

While loops matter 

– Using Color Sensors  click

– Multiplayer set up directions   click 

Document Version