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FIRST Tech Challenge is a robotics league where middle and high school students design, build and program robots to fulfill a challenge which changes every season. Virtual Robot Simulator is a platform that allows students to program and test FIRST Tech Challenge robots without the need for physical hardware, making challenges and risks associated with real equipment obsolete.

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About Virtual Robot Simulator (VRS)

Watch a basic introduction and setup guide to VRS!

World Record VRS Program

Watch this VRS program, created by 5th graders, achieve the FTC Ultimate Goal world record of 180 points.



– Write programs in both FTC Blocks and Java!

– Upload custom robots with accurate mechanics

– Accurate Development environment

– Regularly updated

–  Realistic physics simulations

– Filled with lessons, challenges, and hints

– Complete documentation

– Free-to-use

Join the community of 32,000+ users!

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Ultimate Goal

Better for beginners, more lessons and more stable

Web Application

Windows Installer

MacOS Installer


Better for real FTC teams, support for latest season

Web Application

Windows Installer

MacOS Installer

Robot Importer

Import and configure your own robot models!

Web Application

Beginner Guides

Here are some guides that beginners can use for reference after getting VRS.

Installation and Setup Guide

Document – Goes over how to install and set up VRS

Intro to Motor Power

Article – Introducing how to make your robot move and how to strafe (move in any direction without turning)

What is VRS?

Article – The most basic introduction to Virtual Robot Simulator and programming in general.

Where to Find Programming Blocks

Video that explains the placement of blocks and where to find them.

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Virtual Robot Simulator is a simple, easy-to-use platform that allows FTC teams to program and test their robots without access to physical hardware.


Email: jweiland@firstillinoisrobotics.org