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FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams design, build, program, and test robots for competition in an annual game released each year in early September. The annual game is played in two alliances. There is a 30-second autonomous start to each match, followed by a 2-minute driver-controlled period. One of the significant learning hurdles for many students and coaches is programming. This can be an intimidating element that can discourage students and coaches without programming skills from getting started. Virtual Robot Simulator offers a free platform for beginners to start programming without the cost of real robots or risks of damaging equipment.

57 Point Autonomous

Teleop Demo



Each of these guides are fairly short. We recommend that beginners look at these. 

Goes over how to install and 

Gamepad Usage

Reference for default gamepad functions

Creating your first OpMode

Learn what an OpMode is, and how to create one


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