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Competition Challenge Curriculum

Competition Challenge Curriculum

Virtual Programming Workshop and Competition

VRS provides a great tool to engage younger audiences in programming. We have organized a 5 day curriculum(which can be split up over multiple weeks) in a competition format. This will teach your audience about how to use VRS, and the basics of programming for FIRST Tech Challenge

  • DAY 1 – Introduction

Intro to the VRS tools

·        Play these videos, or present their content yourself.

·        Locating the blocks for programming

·        Learn how to use basic blocks

·        Learn how to saving and load a program 2 min (optional)

·        Learn why while loops matter

Get ready to write your first program-

Drive to white line- 2 motors (need a hint-click here)

Drive to white line- 4 motors  (need a hint-click here )

DAY 2 – Autonomous Programming

Complete these objectives

  1. Drive to white line-turn 90 degrees to right
  2. Drive to white line-turn 90 degrees to right
  3. Drive to white line-make a square
  4. Drive to white line-strafe  to right
  5. Drive to white line-strafe  to right and then left
  6. Drive to white line-strafe  in a square


Intro videos to the ring shooter

  1. Shooting rings at the PowerShot targets
  2. how to move the wobble goal
  3. how to shoot rings at the high goal
  4. Programming the shooter

Now it is your turn

  1. Drive and shoot rings into high goal-blue
  2. Drive and shoot rings into 1 or all three power shots targets
  3. Drive and lift wobble goal-deliver it to
    • Back left corner
    • Middle square
    • Front square


Practice linking behaviors or actions


Show us what you can do in 30 seconds  

How to set up 30 Second autonomous click here  click here 

Scoring potential for autonomous

  • Drive to the white line and park                                              5 points
  • launch rings into the correct color target
    •  low                                                                             3points
    •  medium   (must be correct color)                      6 points
    • High goal                                                                 12 points
    • Power Shot targets-must be correct color          15 points
  • Deliver the wobble goal to the correct target zone    15 point each

Set up VRS for 30 second auto

1: Click 3 lines -to go to Game Setup window

Competition Challenge Curriculum | Programming workshop & competition

2: At game set-up window 

3: Change free play to autonomous

 4:  Option change Field setup to

            A-no rings at start)

            B-2 rings at start

            C-4 rings at start  or choose random


 5: Click START-blue start button

6: Click green triangle when ready, to begin with 30 seconds autonomous

Virtual Robot Simulator is a simple, easy-to-use platform that allows FTC teams to program and test their robots without access to the physical hardware and mechanisms.

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